Aroha Fitness with Martina Jakob @ TT-Fitness – Gran Canaria

87eb0e3ac4484eae15819d8ebbaa5ba9_IMG_6111-e1404665875494-863-430-cAroha fitness with Martina Jakob (Berlin ) @ TT – fitness Gran Canaria. Friday 12/19/14 5.30 pm. Aroha fitness  is the first time given here on the Canary Islands.

It is an effective and uncomplicated course in ¾ tim??????????????????????e. Buttocks, thighs and abdomen will be consolidated and inner balance is adjusted. Constantly changing exciting and relaxing exercises that release hidden energies and they are so good for the soul. Of course anybody can participate and join without previous knowledge and in every age and fitness level. Aroha is an excellent fat burner.

He aquí un pequeño vídeo con Aroha Fitness:

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